Fall 2020The Masked Victorianrecorded at 523 Lincoln Ave. Bellevue, PA
2020-03The MikadoACFLMH
2019-03The GondoliersACFLMH
2018-10The Yeoman of the GuardACFLMH
2018-03The Grand DukeACFLMH
2017-10H.M.S. PinaforeACFLMH
2016-10Trial By Jury & Gianni SchicchiACFLMH
2016-03The Pirates of PenzanceACFLMH
2015-03The MikadoACFLMH
2014-10The SorcererACFLMH
2014-03Utopia LimitedACFLMH
2013-10Princess IdaACFLMH
2013-03H.M.S. PinaforeACFLMH
2012-10The Yeomen of the GuardACFLMH
2012-03The Pirates of PenzanceACFLMH
2011-03The GondoliersACFLMH
2010-10Trial by Jury & Gianni SchicchiACFLMH
2010-03The MikadoCatherine Thomas
2007-12-09Handel’s "Messiah" and Holiday ReceptionCatherine Thomas Theater
2007-02-03 and 4thThe Pirates of PenzanceCatherine Thomas Theater
2005-09-23 through 10/9The Yeomen of the GuardACFLMH
2005-01-30The GondoliersACFLMH
2004-03-05 through 21stPatienceACFLMH
2003, FallH.M.S. Pinafore ACFLMH
2002, FallThe Pirates of PenzanceACFLMH
2002, 6/15Savoyards on Parade (fund raiser)ACFLMH
2002, 4Princess Ida ACFLMH
2001, 9The Mikado
2001, 5/11-20IolantheACFLMH
2001, 2/2-11The GondoliersACFLMH
2000, 10Here’s a Howdy do, a G&S Review
2000, 3/3-19H.M.S. PinaforeACFLMH
1999, 10 Trial by Jury and The Sorcerer
1999, 5The Yeomen of the Guard
1998, 10The Pirates of Penzance
1998, 3Patience
1997, FallRuddigore
1997, 3/14-23The MikadoACFLMH
1996, 1/26-2/11H.M.S. PinaforeACFLMH
1995, 12/1-9Amahl and the Night Visitors and Christmas musicACFLMH
1994, 12Amahl and the Night Visitors (by Gian-Carlo Menotti)
1994, 6/The Telephone (by Gian-Carlo Menotti) and Gianni Schicchi (by Giacomo Puccini)ACFLMH
1994, 1/Iolanthe
1993, SpringThe MikadoACFLMH, Taylor Allderdice High School and CCAC South Campus Theater
1993, 6/18-27Fabulous Finales and Trial by JuryACFLMH
1992, SpringRuddygoreBellefield Annex Theater and Linton Intermediate School
1992, FallThe Mikado
1991, SpringPirates of PenzanceBellefield Annex Theater, CCAC South Campus Theater
1991, FallRuddigore
1990, 5/4-20H.M.S. PinaforeBellefield Annex Theater, CCAC South Campus Theater
1989, SpringPrincess IdaCarlow College Antonian Hall
1989, FallThe GondoliersCarlow College Antonian Hall
1988, 11/11-20The Mikado
1988, 5/13-1550th Anniversary Gala (“Golden Celebration of Gilbert and Sullivan”)Carlow College Antonian Hall
1987, 11/6-22The Pirates of PenzanceCarlow College Antonian Hall
1987, 4/24-The Yeomen of the GuardCarlow College Antonian Hall
1986, 11/8-23IolantheCarlow College Antonian Hall
1985, 5/17-26The GondoliersCarolow College Antonian Hall
1984, 11/30 – 12/9PatienceCarlow College Antonian Hall
1984, 5/11-20The MikadoCarlow College Antonian Hall
1984, 1/13-1/21Princess IdaStephen Foster Memorial Theater
1983, 5/13-29The Pirates of PenzanceCentral Catholic High School Auditorium and Mt. Lebanon High School
1982, 10/29-11/7The SorcererCentral Catholic High School Auditorium
1980, 6/14The Pirates of PenzanceThree Rivers Arts Festival
1980, 5/15-24The Pirates of PenzanceJewish Community Center on Bellefield Ave.
1979, 6/9The GondoliersThree Rivers Arts Festival
1977, 1/The Grand Duke
1975, 11/14-23IolanthePittsburgh Playhouse
1975, 4/The Pirates of PenzanceAllegheny Community Theater and Indiana U. of P.
1974, 11/15-24RuddigoreAllegheny Community Theater
1974, 5/28The GondoliersPittsburgh Arts Festival
1972, 4/14-22H.M.S. PinaforeEllis School Theater
1969, week of 4/23The GondoliersEllis School Theater
1968, 4/24-28The MikadoEllis School Theater
1968, 1/20-25PatienceEllis School Theater
1966, 12/17-18Amahl and the Night VisitorsStephen Foster Memorial
1966, 11/18-19The SorcererEllis School Theater
1963, 5/3-4Yeomen of the GuardMt. Mercy College Antonian Hall
1962, 10/27Annual Halloween PartyBethany-Lutheran Church
1962, 6/23Annual meeting and dinnerArts and Crafts Center
1962, 6/9Annual Strawberry Festival (fund raiser)Arts and Crafts Center
1961, 5/The Mikado
1961, 1/Patience
1960, 11/5Fall Festival (fund raiser)Arts and Crafts Center
1958, 12/13 & 20Christmas Festival (fund raiser)Arts and Crafts Center and Oakland Veterans Administration Hosptal
1958, 6/27Annual Strawberry Benefit FestivalArts and Crafts Center
1958, 5/_The Mikado
1958, 1/14Midwinter Festival (fundraiser) featuring The Pirates of PenzanceSt. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Parish House
1957, (Fall)The Pirates of Penzance
1955, 6/29Annual Strawberry Festival (fund raiser)Arts and Crafts Center
1955, 6/21An evening with Gilbert and Sullivan (annual dinner entertainment)Church of the Redeemer Parish House
1954, 11/23The Pirates of PenzanceMt. Mercy College Antonian Hall
1954, 6/9Annual DinnerCalvary Parish House
1954, 5/6RuddigoreSchenley High School Auditorium
1954, 2/26Dessert card partyCalvary Episcopal Church Parish House
1953, 11/18H.M.S. PinaforeSchenley High School Auditorium
1952, 12/4The MikadoSchenley High School Auditorium
1951, 11/14- 17The Pirates of PenzanceSchenley High School Auditorium and Mellon Junior High School
1951, 1/19Trial by JuryHotel William Penn (midwinter meeting of Pa. Bar Assn.
1949, ?The Yeomen of the GuardCarnegie Music Hall
1949, 9/14Savoyards DinnerCalvary Episcopal Church
1949, 8/9Pittsburgh Savoyards Ice Cream Social (fund raiser)Calvary Church Choir Close
1949, 1/11Un-named performanceSyria Mosque
1948, 12/7-8The SorcererCarnegie Music Hall
1948, 4/18-20Trial by Jury and The Devil and Daniel Webster (Pittsburgh Press Review, Pittsburgh Post Gazette review)Carnegie Music Hall
1948, 1/6-7The Pirates of PenzanceCarnegie Music Hall
1947, 5/3H.M.S. PinaforeSyria Mosque
1946, 11/28The GondoliersSyria Mosque
1946, 3/8Princess IdaSyria Mosque
1945, 11/24The MikadoSyria Mosque
1945, 7/8 & 10The Pirates of PenzanceSchenley Park Flagstaff Hill and Wheeling, WV
1945, 5/1-2IolantheTwentieth Century Club
1944, 11/2-3The Yeomen of the GuardTwentieth Century Club
1944, 7/14-16H.M.S. PinaforeSchenley Park Flagstaff Hill
1943, 6/19Patience (excerpts)Crafton Civic Club
1943, 5/5-6PatienceTwentieth Century Club
1943, 3/27Gilbert & Sullivan revueVariety Club Canteen
1942, 11/_Ruddigore
1942, 5/13-14 and 7/15-18The GondoliersTwentieth Century Club and Schenley Park Flagstaff Hill
1942, 2/11-12Cox and Box with Trial by JuryTwentieth Century Club
1941, 10/29-30The Pirates of PenzanceTwentieth Century Club
1941, 5/6-8IolantheTwentieth Century Club
1940, MayRuddigoreTwentieth Century Club
1940, 2/13-15, 3/5-6The Yeomen of the GuardTwentieth Century Club
1939, 10/10-11The MikadoTwentieth Century Club
1939, 5/9-10The Pirates of Penzance (Announcement in Pittsburgh Post Gazette)Twentieth Century Club